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Personal Branding

Highlighting the ONE thing most clients / managers / employers are ACTUALLY looking for

Landing at Tokyo’s Narita airport after a 14 hour flight from the US can be a bit confusing. After a relatively easy, courteous and efficient immigration experience, it’s time to get your jet-lagged self oriented. Find the airport bus ticket counter in the thicket of Japanese and English signs, get some cash from an ATM that works with US debit cards, and maybe go for a quick coffee or tea.

As a first-time visitor, you’d probably appreciate the help of a seasoned – ideally bilingual – visitor to Tokyo and Narita who’s “been there before.” Such an individual would be able to provide you with an incredibly valuable good – Peace of Mind.

Peace of Mind

Your ultimate Personal Brand Promise – Peace of Mind

A new client, a prospective employer, a new team member – they all find themselves in a similar situation to the befuddled traveler in a strange airport I described earlier. What are the rules? What does this sign mean? What are the expectations? Will the brochure live up to the expectations?

The Peace of Mind Business 
Ultimately, we are all in the “peace of mind” business.  Your customers, clients, employers, and team mates want to trust that you will deliver the experiences and results that let them sleep at night instead of worrying about what you let fall through the cracks. As mentioned in a previous post on the value of emotional branding, these “feeling dimensions” of your personal brand can serve as a critical differentiator and make you more memorable while also boosting the perceived value of your services.

Here are some example value proposition snippets that specifically highlight “peace of mind” qualities:

    • I deliver large scale project management that lets you sleep at night
    • With me, you get “no worry” professional HR
    • You’ll see the results of my personal training in your mirror within two weeks – or your money back
    • I’ll hit the ground running – I will be productive from day one

The Peace of Mind Check
To perform a quick “peace of mind” check, try the following thought experiment:
Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager at a company you’d like to work for or those of a potential client. What are this person’s worries? Fears? Is their primary concern around hiring a good team player? A skilled technical resource? A person with enough leadership potential? Too much leadership potential who will be gunning for their job?

Now take a quick look at your resume, email signature, LinkedIn profile and other messaging elements: are there any phrases, value propositions, proof points or other components that address these worries, either directly or indirectly? As mentioned before, a mere listing of skills may not do enough to give your personal brand the “peace of mind” edge. Check out the 4M Personal Branding summary slide deck for additional ideas on how to weave unstated client needs into your value proposition to preempt worries and overcome objections before they even arise.

To schedule your free personal branding discovery session, please check the Personal Branding Services page.

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