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Brand checking your resume – The magic of word clouds

Creating an effective resume and LinkedIn profile is an important part of the second “M” – Messaging – in the 4M Personal Branding™ system. Your core value proposition, benefit statements, hook, and properly structured experience sections should all work together to portray your personal brand in the best possible light. You may want to revisit some of my other posts on effective tag lines, the 3C differentiation model, hooks,and feeling based value propositions to help you create a resume and LinkedIn profile that will truly stand out. There are also hundreds of professional coaches who are experts in fine-tuning your collateral and incorporating the latest SEO optimization techniques for the corresponding online versions.

Throughout the editing process, you should also keep in mind the “Meaning” dimension of your brand as it reflects your core values and “moral compass.” This will help you build and communicate your personal brand in a truthful, open and sustainable way.

Word clouds for fun and profit
An easy and intuitive way to “brand check” any piece of personal branding collateral is the creation of a word cloud from the raw text of the item in question.There are several free online word cloud generators that will help you build this more “right brained” view of resumes, brag sheets, and brochures. Two of my favorites are Tagxedo – Word Cloud with Styles and Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds.

Bjorn Austraat Word Cloud Resume

Word Cloud Resume

To your left you’ll see the word cloud version of my management consulting resume. I repeated the word cloud generation process several times throughout the editing pass the last time I updated my resume. This helped me ensure that I was indeed bringing out the aspects of my experience I wanted to emphasize while not repeating too many keywords from a more distant (and technical) past.

This technique also works great for quickly analyzing large amounts of data from a company’s annual report, magazine articles or any other piece of text you want to scan and evaluate on a single page.

Try it out with your resume and see what the “cloud tells you” about your positioning and written personal branding.

To schedule your free personal branding discovery session, please check the Personal Branding Services page.

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