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Ultimate resume brand control – the infographic resume

You have tweaked, fine-tuned, edited, and massaged your resume to perfection. Each job description includes quantitative, concrete results, the intro starts off  with a memorable value proposition and tag line, and everything from layout to the choice of font and colors is spot on.

There’s just one problem. No matter how great the contents, your resume looks and feels like every other of the millions of resumes out there. It’s text on a standard letter-sized or A4 page. Bullets, bolding, dates, words. Average review time (assuming you are lucky enough to get past the automated Applicant Tracking System filters) is between 20-40 seconds.

So how can you supplement the great contents of your standard resume with something a bit more eye-catching?

Enter the infographic resume
An infographic resume is a visual summary of your value proposition bundle: career highlights, education, strengths and skills. In my opinion, this type of resume should be used to supplement, not replace, your standard resume. You choose which parts to emphasize; there is no need for strict chronological or functional orientation, and you can get across design, communication, and data visualization chops in a compelling fashion by actually using those very same skills to make your infographic ‘pop.’

Infographic resumes have enjoyed a surge in popularity recently and several services (such as Vizualize.meRe.vu, and Kinzaa) have sprung up to convert your LinkedIn or resume data into an infographic. Personally, I feel that the use of such “infograhic mills” is a good start, but ultimately you won’t give you much of a differentiation advantage as everyone’s infographic resume will start to look like it was generated from the same template.

Infographic Resume Bjorn Austraat

Infographic Resume Bjorn Austraat

For my own personal infographic resume I decided to start from scratch in Photoshop and highlight the most important skills and value propositions applicable to a management consulting environment. Click on the preview version to the right to get the full, high-res image. As you can see, the three most important “value prop snippets” are featured very prominently while important, but secondary info about individual skills is de-emphasized on the right side of the graphic.

Information about vertical expertise and general “value boosters” such as educational achievements and cultural fluency at the bottom of the image correspond to data typically found at the end of the resume.

Would an infographic resume work for you? What would you include? How would you emphasize your core value propositions visually?

For help with creating your own infographic resume or to schedule your personal branding discovery session, please check the Personal Branding Services page.

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One thought on “Ultimate resume brand control – the infographic resume

  1. Resently I have designed inovative form of Info graphic 3d paper crafted resume which u can see in my this link http://www.behance.net/gallery/Info-graphic-3d-Paper-Resume/4691783

    Posted by mohit lakhmani | August 2, 2012, 4:07 pm

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