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Creating an effective call to action with tangible benefit statements

You may have seen the signs in hotels asking you to help preserve energy, water, and detergent by being a good environmental citizen and reusing your towels. Typically these campaigns focus on the saved water or other rather abstract benefits. On a recent trip to Vienna, I saw the clever note shown on the right … Continue reading

Situational value propositions – Leveraging neuroscience to make your brand memorable

One of the important memory systems in the brain is called episodic memory. It creates a mental map of events, places, times, and associated emotions. This type of memory is extremely powerful, automatically engaged and can readily be leveraged for boosting learning and recall. You may have experienced the power of episodic memory by revisiting … Continue reading

Brilliant Location-Aware Advertising – Lessons for Personal Branding from Manhattan Mini Storage Posters

When you hear “location-aware” or “location-based” advertising you may think of amazing 4G mobile device technology that serves highly targeted ads with pinpoint geo-coded accuracy. This post deals with a different kind of low-tech location-based advertising. I am referring to the ingeniously “localized” advertising posters for Manhattan Mini Storage displayed on billboards and subway cars … Continue reading