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Personal Branding

Personal Branding – The 4Ms of Market, Message, Money, and Meaning

Professional Mixer, New York City, October 2011

Attendee 1: So, what do you do?
Bjorn: I make people memorable for all the right reasons.
Meetup Attendee 2: Really? What does that mean? And how do you that?
Bjorn: Well, I work with people to develop a unique personal brand – the essence of what’s unique, cool and different about them and how they can be of value or service to others.

How does this conversation go when you meet colleagues at a conference? How do you answer the question “What do you do?” Is it a skill, diploma, generic job title? Are you a “project manager?” “An engineer?” “A teacher?” “An HR professional?”

All of these are descriptive, but not memorable. They say nothing about your unique, differentiated value proposition. And they say very little about WIIFM…What’s In It For Me?

My 4M Method of Creating a Winning Personal Brand may give you some ideas to start answering these questions and coming up with a winning – and memorable – answer that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Download your free copy here: http://www.slideshare.net/ttraveler/creating-a-personal-brand

To schedule your free personal branding consultation, check the Personal Branding Services page.

4M Personal Branding – The Proven 4 Step Program To Building A Powerful Personal Brand – Now available on Amazon Kindle!


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